Avoid using lemon on these 4 things

Avoid using lemon on these 4 things

Many things are cleaned with lemon juice.

Commonly used in foods and scrubs, lemon is also an important ingredient in household cleaning products. Many things can be cleaned with lemon juice.

This can be helpful in removing strong onion and garlic odors and stubborn stains from cutting boards.

According to the website Better Homes & Gardens, lemon juice should not be mixed with products that contain bleach because it creates dangerous toxic fumes.

The following items should be avoided by cleaning with lemon.

Natural stone

Lemon juice can cause pitting in marble, granite, and other natural stones, so it should not be used on backsplashes, floors, furniture, etc.

Wooden floors

Wood floor sealants can be damaged by lemon juice, which will make the floor less sticky and more damaged. So avoid using lemon to clean wooden floors.


Lemon juice can be used to polish solid brass, but they should never be used to clean tin objects made of copper, as they can damage the plating.

Dark colored clothes

Lemon juice acts like a bleach on dark and light colored fabrics causing irreparable damage. Experts advise not to use lemon on dark colored clothes, home decorations or furniture.

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