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Balochistan:Dangerous snakes 2023Balochistan:Dangerous snakes 2023

Balochistan: 13 people have been bitten by dangerous snakes, death is certain if not treated within four hours

Balochistan:Dangerous snakes 2023

In Dera Bugti district of Balochistan, 13 people were bitten by snakes during two days, out of which one died.

Doctors say that some of the victims were bitten by highly poisonous snakes, who were saved with great difficulty by providing timely medical assistance.

According to District Health Officer Dera Bugti Dr. Muhammad Azam Bugti, ’39 cases of snake bites have been reported in the district since April.’

He further said that 13 cases of snake bite were reported in just two days on Sunday and Monday. The victims also include women and children.

Thirteen people from different areas of Dera Bugti were brought to government hospitals for treatment, many of whom were in critical condition. They were saved by giving anti-snake venom vaccine in time.

Dr. Mohammad Azam Bugti said that usually patients recover after two to three vaccinations, but this time most of the snakebitten people brought to the hospital had to receive an average of 10 to 15 vaccines. One patient was saved by applying 28 vaccines.

“Fortunately, the Balochistan Health Department had already provided us with a large amount of vaccine. If the vaccine was not available, there could have been a huge loss of life,” he said.

Dr. Juma Bugti, Medical Superintendent of the District Headquarters Hospital, told Urdu News that “a young Jamaat Ali Bugti could not be saved despite eight vaccinations. He was bitten by a highly poisonous snake, Sangchor.”

The deceased was a resident of Kakari Pashini, a remote area of ​​Dera Bugti where health facilities are not available. There was a delay in bringing him to the district headquarters hospital and the poison spread in his body, paralyzing his nervous system.

DHO Dera Bugti Dr. Azam Bugti said that most of the cases of snakebite are reported from the remote hilly area of ​​Dera Bugti in Tehsil Pawagh, which is a backward and poverty-stricken area.

“I myself belong to this area, most of the poor people get bitten on their hands or feet by snakes while sleeping on the ground or defecating in the open due to lack of cots.

According to the DHO, the incidence of snake bites increases after the rains. Most of the cases are reported during summer i.e. April to October, however, when it gets cold in October, the snakes go underground.

Dr. Azam Bugti said that “Many of the patients were bitten by the stinging snake, which is called Chhloo in the local language, it is a very poisonous and dangerous snake.”

Incidents of snake bites are common in Balochistan. Last month, in Kohlu district adjacent to Dera Bugti, a youth died after being bitten by a snake due to lack of timely treatment and vaccination

After this incident, the relatives of the youth protested and also registered a case against the staff of the government hospital in Kohlu in the police station.

According to a report, “There are more than 40,000 cases of snakebite in Pakistan every year, of which nearly 3,000 people die if they do not receive timely treatment.”

According to Balochistan Health Department, hundreds of people in the province are brought to hospitals for treatment due to snake bites every year.

Dr. Saeed Ahmed Esut, Assistant Professor of Zoology Department of University of Balochistan, who researches on snakes in Balochistan, told Urdu News that “44 species of snakes are found in Balochistan, of which only 20 percent are poisonous.”

There are four major species of venomous snakes in the world and all four are found in Balochistan. Among them, the Sangchure or the Common Crete are the most dangerous because their bite does not cause pain.

He further says that they are thin and three to four feet long. Their black bodies have white stripes. They mostly move at night.

ccording to Dr. Saeed Asot, “Singchur is called a silent killer because its bite does not cause pain and the person does not know it.” By the time the leaf is discovered, the poison has spread throughout the body.

Its venom attacks the lungs and nervous system, causing difficulty in breathing and weakness. If treatment is not given within four hours, the death of the patient is certain.

He further informed that ‘most of the venomous snakes in Balochistan are black cobras which attack by raising their heads, although the chances of biting are less but its venom also paralyzes the nervous system like that of the centaur. .’

The third type of venomous snakes is viper which is also known as Lindi in common language, similarly another type is known as jalebi snake in local language which are small in size but dangerous.

He says, ‘Lundi and Jalebi snakes are hemotoxins, whose venom affects the circulatory system and causes bleeding from the nose, etc., if not treated in time, the heart stops working and the person dies. John goes away.’

A zoologist said that most of the snakes in Balochistan are not poisonous. People kill even non-poisonous snakes out of fear of poisonous snakes, which is not true.

According to him, ‘Snakes are very important to our ecosystem, they eat rodents and other animals that damage crops.’

According to Dr. Saeed Ahmad Esut, “Snakes are afraid of humans and they only attack in self-defense when they feel threatened, so you should avoid getting close to them.”

In case of snake bite, the affected area should be tied tightly with a rope and avoid moving or walking so that the blood does not circulate in the body. After that, the patient should be immediately taken to the hospital so that the treatment can start.

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