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deaths due to air polutiondeaths due to air polution

Deaths Due To A Pollution.

17% of Deaths in the country every year are due to air pollution.

In a year, 69.5% of the population will suffer from neurological, cardiovascular and lung diseases due to air pollution

69.5% of Pakistan’s population will die within 5 years due to neurological, cardiovascular and lung diseases with the current level of air pollution.

The average annual exposure to particulate pollution per person in Pakistan is 63 µg/m3, 12 times higher than the World Health Organization’s recommended 5 µg/m3 17% of deaths in Pakistan are due to air pollution, a cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 25% of annual deaths are due to particulate air pollution.

According to Fair Finance Pakistan’s survey and campaign, clean air legislation, better air quality monitoring measures and more investment in low-carbon technologies are called for to improve air quality for the people of Pakistan, Clean Air. On the occasion of the World Day of Fair Finance Pakistan has launched a digital campaign #LegislateNow which will highlight legislation, strong public-private partnerships, technology investments and civil society approaches to tackle pollution. To redevelop the financial role.

Campaign data shows that Punjab, Islamabad and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are the most air-polluted provinces and their population is likely to lose 4.6 years of life expectancy. And the associated health care costs, reduced productivity, and resulting lost work days.

Everyone must act on the air pollution crisis, Asim Jafri

Asim Jafari, country program lead Fair Finance Pakistan, said that policy circles and other stakeholders should adopt clean air legislation to help people get out of the air pollution crisis, compared to Americans in 1970 before the passage of the Clean Air Act. Facing 65% less particulate pollution, Pakistan has great potential to emulate the learnings from the US on this front.

He added that public and private sector investment should be mobilized to address social challenges, providing technical assistance in the transition to clean technologies and renewable energy sources will promote a low-carbon, sustainable and resilient economy. And will help in Pakistan’s energy crisis.

According to the Air Quality Life Index 2023 report, if the level of PM 2.5 is reduced from the current level to the level recommended by the World Health Organization of 5 µg/m3, Pakistanis can gain up to 7 years of life. Particulate pollution due to industrial emissions is high in urban cities, reducing carbon emissions can prolong life and contribute positively to GDP

Nadeem Iqbal, CEO, Network for Consumer Protection, a member of the Network for Consumer Protection, recommends sharing air quality data to maintain transparency and mobilize more citizen action for air quality measures and solutions. Public awareness is critical, creating carbon markets, boosting private sector investment in low-carbon technologies and building political coordination at the national level can put Pakistan on the path to cleaner air, millions of farmers, small Changing the behavior of businesses and households is key to moving towards cleaner energy use in agriculture, business and cooking practices.

Transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy is the solution, Hussain Jarwar

Hussain Jarwar, CEO, Indus Consortium, said that transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy is one of the key solutions to tackling Pakistan’s air pollution crisis. Create and allocate resources to integrate environmental policies into other sectors of the economy such as agriculture, energy, industry, transport.

In Pakistan, the death rate of young children due to air pollution is high

Combustion of biomass fuel for cooking and heating, emissions from small-scale industries like brick kilns, burning of municipal and agricultural waste are some of the unique sources of air pollution in Pakistan that affect indoor and ambient air quality in urban and rural areas. affect and have serious health effects especially on vulnerable groups such as women, children, low-income neighborhoods

The Global Burden Disease Report shows that among all South Asian countries, Pakistan has the highest death rate for children under 5 years of age due to outdoor air pollution. It is 110 while in India this rate is 69, in Nepal 47, in Bangladesh 39 and in Bangladesh.

Due to the lack of clean air, lung, eye and skin diseases later, Mahmoud Cheema

Mehmood Akhtar Cheema of IUCN Pakistan stressed on the right to clean air as a basic human right, it is a major health problem that affects human beings due to lung, eye, skin and many other diseases. He reiterated the need for better collaboration, knowledge sharing, partnerships, and adopting a science-based approach to inform policy decisions on clean air. Rapid climate changes exacerbate this problem and its impact multiplies.

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