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Does late night cell phone use cause depression?Does late night cell phone use cause depression?

Using mobile phones late at night has become a new fashion or trend.

Mobile phone has become an important part of our life and due to 24 hours availability of internet the young generation is engrossed in mobile phone day and night.

Using mobile phones late at night has become a new fashion or trend in our world, but do you know the effects of using mobile phones late at night on a person’s mental health?

In this regard, the video of Stanford University professor and neurobiology expert Andrew D. Huberman has gone viral on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram, in which he has revealed that using mobile phones late at night causes depression.

“Like it or not, it was published in the journal Cell that exposure to screen-type light (i.e. mobile or laptop use) between 11pm and 4am creates a circuit in the brain’s habenulae that reduces dopamine (a chemical in the brain that makes us feel happy or relaxed) and increases hopelessness, thereby increasing depression,” says Professor Andrew D. Huberman.

In this regard, in 2018, the British newspaper The Independent also shared a study that revealed that using mobile phones late at night causes mental problems.

According to The Independent, “According to this research conducted on 91 thousand people, it has been revealed that using Instagram and Twitter from night to dawn while lying on your comfortable pillow leads to mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder and neuroses.”

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