Google Chrome has made iPhone users' biggest problem easy

Google Chrome has made iPhone users’ biggest problem easy

California: Google Chrome has made it easy for iPhone users to easily access website shortcuts on the home screen of Google Chrome in the device. The latest update of Google Chrome released for iOS and iPadOS has introduced the feature of adding shortcuts to the home screen. Recently released by Apple

The outgoing iOS 16.4 update brought significant changes to WebKit and WebApp implementation. After this update, users can now get more access to push notifications and bring shortcuts to their favorite apps on the home screen. Apple is rapidly introducing features for the convenience of its users, while the beta version of macOS Sonoma also allows users to bring web app shortcuts to their home screen. Apart from these updates, the iOS platform introduced several important features last month. One of these includes the ability to use the device’s camera to search for things on the Internet, like Google Lens, and easily create events on the calendar.

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