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Great boom in the stock market, 522 points increase, dollar and gold expensiveGreat boom in the stock market, 522 points increase, dollar and gold expensive

Karachi: There was a strong bullish trend in the Pakistan Stock Market on Friday, although the market once again managed to cross the psychological limit of 46 thousand, but the market could not maintain the new level until the end of the business and the index closed at the level of 45 thousand 900 points. In the Pakistan Stock Market, the SE 100 Index rose by 522.31 points to 45920.73 points from 45398.31 points on Friday.

Due to the business boom, an increase of 70 billion 93 billion 70 lakh 25 thousand 187 rupees was recorded in the capital of the market, as a result of which the total volume of capital became 69 billion 63 billion 16 crore 81 lakh 59 thousand 858 rupees. 504.5 million 50 thousand shares worth 12 billion rupees were traded in the Pakistan Stock Market on Friday. A total of 339 companies were traded in the stock market last day, of which 197 companies‘ share prices increased, 121 companies decreased and 21 companies’ prices remained stable. reached

According to the State Bank, the value of the dollar increased by 1.66 rupees to 286.81 rupees from 285.15 rupees to 286.81 rupees in the interbank yesterday. According to the Forex Association, the value of the dollar increased by 2 rupees to 291 rupees in the open market yesterday. In the domestic bullion markets, the price of one tola of gold increased by 1800 rupees, after which one tola of gold became 2 lakh 22 thousand 900 rupees. According to the report of the All Pakistan Supreme Council Jewelers Association, ten grams of gold increased by 1542 rupees to 1 lakh 91 thousand rupees, while in the international market, gold per ounce decreased by 12 dollars to 1966 dollars. The price of silver decreased by 150 rupees to 2750 rupees per tola.

By Pawan Mukhtiar

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