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Bad news for free Netflix users, the company made a big announcementBad news for free Netflix users, the company made a big announcement

LAHORE: If you share the account password of the streaming service Netflix with friends or relatives, then the bad news is that the company has started a crackdown against it all over the world including Pakistan.

The series started in February with Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, which was later expanded to other countries including the US. But now the company has announced that password sharing will be banned in every country from July 20. Due to the crackdown on password sharing in various countries, the number of Netflix users increased by about 6 million between April and June 2023. Netflix said that the additional membership option is not being introduced in the countries where the crackdown is starting now, as the fees are already quite low there. Note that in late January 2023, the company explained how it will prevent different people from using an account. According to these details, people who do not live in a home or primary location will not be able to use the account in that location to watch streaming content in other locations. If your devices are connected to Wi-Fi at that location, the Company will ask users to connect to the Wi-Fi of the primary location. Users must sign in to Netflix from their devices at the primary location at least once every 31 days, after which the Company will not block access to Netflix on the device. Any person who tries to log into the account from an unrelated device at a different location will be blocked from accessing the service. If outside the home. If the user wants to sign in to Netflix on a new device, a new procedure will be introduced for this purpose.

Such users will be requested to provide a temporary code from the company to sign in, which will allow them to access the account while away from home for 7 days.

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