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Lebanon: Trafficked lion cubs, rare eagles and birds rescuedLebanon: Trafficked lion cubs, rare eagles and birds rescued

Lebanon: Trafficked lion cubs, rare eagles and birds rescued

Lebanon: Trafficked lion cubs, rare eagles and birds rescued

Two lion cubs and a rare eagle have been recovered in Lebanon in a crackdown on wildlife smuggling near its border with Syria.

According to Arab News, the Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Haj Hassan, has said that Lebanon will abide by international agreements to stop the illegal trade and trafficking of wildlife and the traffickers will be punished.

According to the details, security forces in Lebanon were carrying out a routine check at the Al-Batrun checkpoint on the Tripoli-Beirut highway, 50 km north of Beirut last Friday.

During a routine search operation, a truck recovered two tiger cubs, a high-breed eagle, 350 colorful sparrows and more than 1,350 beautiful birds of various species hidden in wooden cages and cardboard boxes

The truck driver has been arrested and all the smuggled animals have been confiscated.

The security forces are getting details about this huge consignment of birds caught over the years

And the trader is likely to face legal action.

Lebanon’s Minister of Environment, Nasser Yassin, has said that the seized birds and other animals kept secretly in the truck were in extremely difficult conditions.

The environment minister added that the birds being smuggled across the border were apparently kept in cages without food and water for several days.

Nasir Yasin said that the two tiger cubs have been sent to the veterinary hospital for treatment, while the condition of the eagle is critical and may not survive.

Some of the beautiful birds and colorful sparrows were released on the spot, but the food and water of the other birds is being taken care of.

The seized animals have been inspected by the Department of Livestock in northern Lebanon, and many of the birds have been released after first aid and treatment.

It should be noted that due to the seriousness of the situation in the region at large, smuggling is a growing problem on the border between Lebanon and Syria.

Much of the operation involves human trafficking, particularly of Syrians seeking to work in Lebanon or fleeing the country illegally through Europe.

Smugglers in these areas also move illegal drugs and fuel from one place to another through illegal means, but wildlife is rarely reported.

Agriculture Minister Haj Hasan says that the smuggling of birds and animals is not happening for the first time, nor will this be the last, but this is the largest shipment seized.

Animal rights activist Ghaina Nahfawi said that a trader of this rare bird sells the animals in al-Awza’i neighborhood in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

Ghaina Nahafi said that the rare and exotic birds are sold to the nobles in the area who take pride in adorning the gardens of their homes

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