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Exploring Amsterdam with Lovers Canal Cruises: A Journey Through the Waterways

Comfortabele, moderne en verwarmde boten

Lovers Canal Cruises

In the heart of Amsterdam’s enchanting canal-laden landscape, a journey with Lovers Canal Cruises unfolds into a captivating experience. With roots dating back to the 1950s, Lovers Canal Cruises has evolved into a beacon of excellence, offering a nuanced exploration of the city’s intricate water network.

Embracing Expertise and Professionalism:

The hallmark of Lovers Canal Cruises lies in its unwavering commitment to expertise and professionalism. Meticulous scheduling and the upkeep of a fleet of modern, impeccably maintained boats underscore the company’s dedication to providing an immersive journey led by those intimately familiar with the nuances of Amsterdam’s waterways.

A Symphony of Colors: Fleet Upgrade and Modernization:

In 2016, Lovers Canal Cruises embarked on a significant fleet upgrade, transforming its entire collection of 45 boats. The vessels now boast new interiors and a distinctive orange-grey color scheme, a visual symphony that complements the historic charm of Amsterdam. This commitment to modernization ensures that passengers not only bask in the city’s rich history but also do so with a touch of contemporary comfort and style.

Catering to All Tastes: Variety and Customization:

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Recognizing the diversity of its audience, Lovers Canal Cruises offers a spectrum of departure points and times. Whether a solo adventurer, a couple seeking a romantic journey, or a group desiring a shared adventure, Lovers has tailored experiences for everyone. The first boat sets sail at 9 am, and the final one departs at 10 pm, seamlessly adapting to the rhythm of the city and the preferences of its passengers.

Culinary Odyssey on Water: Exclusive Onboard Dining:

Lovers Canal Cruises elevates the journey with exclusive onboard dining options. Collaborations with esteemed chefs, including Frans Kelders Cuisinier, a former Michelin star chef, bring gourmet delights to the waterways. Paired with partnerships with culinary icons like Loetje and New York Pizza, passengers can savor delicious meals while absorbing the beauty of Amsterdam.

Toward a Greener Horizon: Environmental Consciousness:

Beyond the aesthetic journey, Lovers Canal Cruises actively contributes to environmental sustainability. Solar-driven small boats, silent and clean, enable exploration of narrower canals, including those in the renowned Red Light District. With 80% of their boats already electric, the company aims to achieve 100% electrification by 2025, showcasing a commitment to a greener future.

Contact to Lovers Canal Cruises:

The contact information for Lovers Canal Cruises / Lovers Cafe is provided as follows:


Lovers Canal Cruises / Lovers Cafe

Prins Hendrikkade 20B

1012 TL Amsterdam

Rescheduling Information:

Some activities allow for self-rescheduling up to 24 hours before the scheduled activity. Additional information can be found on the self-rebook page.

General Inquiries:

Email: hello@lovers.nl

Phone: +31 (0) 20-2143111 (available by phone between 10:00 and 16:00 on weekdays)

Your email will be handled within 5 working days. To expedite assistance, please attach your tickets to the email.

Group Requests and Reservations:

Email: groups@tourismgroup.com

Phone: +31 (0) 20-530 10 90 (during office hours)

Registration Information:

Chamber of Commerce Number: 33238324

VAT Number: NL0044.32551.B.01

This information should be helpful for individuals looking to contact Lovers Canal Cruises for various inquiries and assistance.

Conclusion: Crafting Unforgettable Moments:

Lovers Canal Cruises transcends the role of a mere tour provider; it is a curator of experiences, blending expertise, modernity, and environmental consciousness. As you wind through the UNESCO-listed waterways of Amsterdam, let Lovers Canal Cruises be your guide to an unforgettable journey, where history, culture, and sustainability converge on the charming canvas of the Dutch capital.


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