mental health

Mental health

Mental health

If you look at the TV channels these days, the political scenario is seen everywhere. When will the elections be held, when will Nawaz Sharif come? What is the future of Imran Khan and his party?

How many cases are there on the captain? What facilities do they have in the jail?

What is the role of the judiciary? What comments has the Chief Justice Supreme Court made today about what the lower courts have done with the captain and other people of his party.

How many cases are warranted?

The last section of the news bulletin details accidents, terrorist incidents, arrests, suicides, robberies and murders. Focusing on the first part leads to disappointment that nothing seems certain. After analyzing the whole, senior analysts say that anything can happen in Pakistan, the common man gets worried about his future and the country’s future, but when he hears the second part, a person gets into agony because Hundreds of people lose their lives in traffic and rail accidents. Every other day, many innocent citizens and security agencies are killed in terrorist incidents, then news comes that a young girl has been raped. He tortures and kills his father. Somewhere the ribs of children working at home are broken

There are several reasons for this disappointing situation. Lawlessness, poverty, diseases, natural disasters, epidemics are also social problems in more or less every society. Epidemics are not controlled by anyone. Recently, Covid has destroyed the light of millions of lives. Rule of law is a dream in our country. Law is only in favor of the powerful. However, all these things continue to be debated on many forums and the government also keeps making false promises and efforts to correct these issues, but one thing the government and the society is almost ignoring is mental illnesses, if Covid comes. The whole world started to prevent it. Polio is inoculated worldwide and has been largely controlled. This is the situation of many other diseases, but no campaign is going on in the world against mental diseases, probably no vaccine has been invented.

Pakistan is perhaps the most backward in the world in this matter like other issues.

The sad thing is that we are not aware of this here, we do not consider this disease as a disease, so what is the treatment. If someone gets excessively angry and does something wrong, we get away with saying that he is angry from the beginning. If someone lags behind in the race of life and is mentally retarded, we get away with calling him careless. Even if someone kills the parents or kills the whole family, our mind does not go towards illness. We cannot think that a mentally normal person cannot do such an act. We attribute such incidents to poverty or some reason. As a result, the issue is getting worse. Can a mentally normal person break the ribs of a poor girl? Recently, a police officer in Punjab has been declared mentally ill by the department and has been treated. In one case, the IG has admitted the fact. There are many people of the same tribe

Because mental illness is not registered with us, such patients and family members feel ashamed and keep it hidden. In this situation, doctors of mental diseases are also very less. According to an estimate, about 20 percent of people in our society are suffering from mental disorders, but practically there is one doctor available for every one lakh population. Some time ago caretaker chief minister of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has formed a task force for the treatment of mental patients under the leadership of Professor Saad Bashir. This is a good decision. But this is not enough, it is necessary to consider this matter at the national level and take necessary steps. Apart from politics, these kinds of issues should also be discussed on television channels. Stability should be created in politics. The culture of hatred, confrontation and abuse in politics should be discouraged as it is not in anyone’s interest but the destruction of the society. Eradication of poverty and ignorance can definitely have a positive impact on the overall social situation. Library culture, sports and cultural activities need to be promoted

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