10 Microsoft Word Issues Today with Solutions

10 Microsoft Word Issues Today with Solutions

Troubleshooting Common Microsoft Word Issues: A Comprehensive Guide

Microsoft Word is a powerful word-processing tool used by millions of people worldwide. However, like any software, it’s not without its quirks and problems. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore 10 common Microsoft Word issues today users face and provide detailed solutions to troubleshoot and resolve these problems.

1. Word Crashes or Freezes

Microsoft Word crashing or freezing can be incredibly frustrating. To resolve this issue, start by ensuring your software is up-to-date. Microsoft often releases patches and updates that address stability issues. If the problem persists, try starting Word in Safe Mode. To do this, press and hold the ‘Ctrl’ key while launching Word. If Safe Mode resolves the issue, consider disabling recently installed add-ins or repairing your Office installation through the Control Panel.

Word Crashes or Freezes
MS Word Add on Disable

2. Formatting Issues

Incorrect formatting can mess up the entire document layout. To clear formatting, select the affected text and navigate to the ‘Home’ tab. Click on ‘Clear Formatting’ to reset the text to its default style. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut ‘Ctrl + Space’ to remove formatting from the selected text.

How to Clear Formatting in Word

3. Document Corruption on Word

Corrupted Word documents might refuse to open, displaying error messages. If this happens, try opening Word in Safe Mode and then open the corrupted document. If successful, save the document under a new name. Another method is to attempt opening the document in Google Docs, which sometimes can recover the text.

4. Slow Performance

Word running sluggishly can hamper productivity. Start by disabling unnecessary add-ins. Navigate to ‘File’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Add-ins’ and manage the add-ins from there. Additionally, reduce the number of fonts used in your document and disable background programs to improve performance.

5. Images Not Displaying Properly

Images not displaying as intended could be due to various reasons. Firstly, ensure that the option ‘Show picture placeholders’ is disabled. You can find this in Word Options under ‘Advanced’ > ‘Show document content’. Also, verify that your images are in compatible formats such as JPEG or PNG.

MS Word Option
Disable Show picture placeholders

6. Spell Check and Grammar Check Issues

If your spell check and grammar check aren’t functioning correctly, check your language settings. Navigate to the ‘Review’ tab and click on ‘Language’. Ensure the correct language is selected. If the problem persists, try repairing your Office installation through the Control Panel.

7. Printing Problems

Printing problems often stem from printer connectivity issues or incorrect settings. Verify that your printer is connected and turned on. Check the print settings (‘File’ > ‘Print’) and make sure the correct printer is selected. If you still encounter problems, restart both your computer and printer before attempting to print again.

8. Lost Document

Losing a document you’ve been working on can be a nightmare. Fortunately, Word has an AutoRecover feature. To access it, go to ‘File’ > ‘Open’ > ‘Recent’. At the bottom of the list, click on “Recover Unsaved Documents”. If your document was saved recently, it might be recoverable from this menu.

9. Tables and Formatting Issues

Tables and their formatting can sometimes go haywire. Utilize the ‘Table Design’ and ‘Table Layout’ tabs that appear when you select a table. These tabs offer various tools to help you adjust the formatting. If needed, clear table formatting and reapply the desired style to ensure consistency.

10. Footnotes and Endnotes

Footnotes and endnotes are essential for academic and professional documents. If you’re facing issues with numbering or formatting, right-click on the reference number and choose the correct numbering format. For more advanced options, explore the ‘References’ tab and click on ‘Footnotes’ or ‘Endnotes’ to access additional settings.


In conclusion, while Microsoft Word is a robust application, occasional issues can disrupt your workflow. By understanding these common problems and their solutions, you can troubleshoot effectively, ensuring that your experience with Microsoft Word remains smooth and hassle-free. Remember, if a specific issue persists, don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from Microsoft’s official support channels or online communities dedicated to Office applications. With the right knowledge and troubleshooting skills, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way while using Microsoft Word.


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