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What Happen When We Eat Large Amount Of Meat?

If you love to eat meat and beef is your favorite dish, then you need to be careful because an official report released by the US government recently revealed that since 2010, More than 100,000 people have been allergic to big meat. While many people do not know that they have this disease

You may have heard the term white meat and red meat about meat. White meat is meat obtained from chicken and fish or other aquatic life, while meat from goat, sheep and cow etc. is called red meat. Red meat is usually tastier, contains more protein, vitamins and other healthy ingredients, but it also contains ingredients that are harmful to health. Therefore, doctors generally prohibit eating large meat or red meat in certain cases.

The interesting thing is that we also divide goat meat and beef into two separate categories and they are called small meat and big meat, while both of them have small and big fibers in addition to protein, fat and other ingredients. There isn’t much of a difference, except that goat and beef meat are higher in omega-3, which is relatively beneficial.

Speaking of red meat or big meat, listen to another report which claims that 450,000 people are allergic to red meat. Among the most common allergens in the United States

The researcher and co-author of both reports, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is Dr. Scott Cummins of the University of North Carolina.

Health officials say that although there are no confirmed deaths from this allergy, people say that allergies to red meat are very painful and annoying.

One patient, Bernadine Hellergreenman, said, “I never connected my allergies to food because the pain would come on several hours after I ate it.”

A reaction or allergy to large meats is called alpha-gal syndrome. This is caused by eating the meat of a cow, buffalo, deer or any other lactating animal, or this reaction can also be caused by eating milk, gelatin or other products made from the ingredients of lactating animals.

This allergy is not caused by any bacteria, but it is caused by a sugar called alpha gall, which is found in the meat and saliva of these animals. When this sugar touches the skin of a person who is sensitive to it, it is An immune response is triggered which manifests itself in the form of severe allergies

Medical researchers have discovered that similar allergies can occur to lice and other blood-sucking insects.

Another review of studies released last week found that 13,000 cases of allergic reactions to alpha-gal were reported in 2017, and that the number of such cases will increase to more than 19,000 in 2022.

Medical experts say that cases of allergy to blood-sucking insect bites are on the rise, and this gives doctors an opportunity to understand and learn more about this type of allergy.

Here are some symptoms of an alpha-gal allergy that can be caused by red mite or blood-sucking insect bites. Nausea, vomiting, indigestion, severe pain in stomach, difficulty in breathing, drowsiness, swelling of lips, tongue and eyes etc. Allergies to common foods appear immediately, while this type of allergy appears several hours after the consumption of red meat or the bite of a blood-sucking insect.

Researcher Dr. Scott Cummins says that in some people the allergy can go away, but the key is to avoid the thing that causes the allergy.

Cummins’ patients include 78-year-old art historian Heller Greenman. She spends the summer in the vineyards, where she is a target for the bites of blood-sucking insects. She says that she has contracted Lyme disease four times from being bitten by these mites. Lyme disease is caused by the bites of blood-sucking insects.

Five years ago, Heller started experiencing severe itching in various parts of the body in the middle of the night. According to the diagnosis of the doctors, it was an allergic reaction. But till then they did not know what caused this allergy.

Heller has never been a meat eater, but one day in January 2020 he had a meat burger and then barbecue the next evening. After six hours she felt nauseous at night and then she first had vomiting and diarrhea and then started feeling weak and dizzy due to which she fainted three times.

Soon after, he was diagnosed with alpha-gal syndrome and advised to avoid blood-sucking insects and to avoid large meat and dairy products. After which he did not have this type of allergy.

Heller says that she is very lucky that she got the doctor’s instructions in time and that she now knows a lot about it. But what to do those patients whose doctors are still not aware of this disease.

If you ever experience nausea or diarrhea or stomach pains, or have difficulty breathing, dizziness, or swelling in your throat, tongue, or eyes, for any reason, see a doctor immediately. Go, and express the suspicion that this alpha. Gall syndrome is not. Because the doctor may not have noticed it.

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