Why are motorcyclists not being challaned in Lahore?

Why are motorcyclists not being challaned in Lahore?

Why are motorcyclists not being challaned in Lahore?

Why are motorcyclists not being challaned in Lahore?

In Lahore, 2.4 million vehicles are being driven without a license by making learner permits instead of being challenged by traffic wardens.

Currently, the number of vehicles registered in Lahore is around 31 lakh. Apart from this, around 50 lakh motorcycles have also been registered, but City Traffic Police spokesperson Rana Aamir told Urdu News that so far only around 7 to 8 lakh people have obtained driving licenses. I mean, just look at the difference, millions of people are driving vehicles without a license across the city, which is dangerous on the one hand and also a violation of the law on the other.

According to the spokesman of the city traffic police, “The city traffic police has been taking steps in various ways to remove such a big gap, but this time a new method has been adopted across the city, under which we have given 15 thousand licenses per day.” The target is set.

Currently, there are 27 driving license offices across Lahore, while ten mobile vans are also parked at various intersections. Officials sitting in these vans issue instant learning permits to the citizens, thanks to which the citizens are easily taking the first step of obtaining a license. City traffic police personnel are also present in the square outside the Provincial Assembly.

His ‘Police Service Center’ vehicle is parked on one side. These officials are providing modern facilities to the citizens on the way by placing a few chairs sitting in the shade of a tree. City traffic police traffic assistant Rahat Umar is also sitting at the same place along with his colleagues.

He said that his other colleagues stopped and brought various citizens to him. It often happens that citizens do not stop for fear of challan, but those who stop are sent to me. Here, a photograph is taken of their original identity and then biometrics is done and the learning permit is given within two minutes.

Rahat Umar himself sits on a bench from 8 AM to 12 AM. Meanwhile, other officials also come for duty but the laptop, camera, printer and biometric system kept with them are not changed. A number of laptops are placed on the table on which the data of the citizen making the permit is entered. An ‘on-spot’ image is taken with a digital handheld camera and biometrics of all fingers on the left and right hands are taken.

Officials are providing modern facilities to citizens on the way by installing some chairs sitting in the shade of a tree. Photo: Urdu News After a few moments, two papers are printed out from the printer lying on the same table, one of which is kept by the traffic police officer while the other print is given to the citizen. According to Rahat Umar, it is a learning permit that you get in a few minutes. After 42 days, you can go to any license office and get a license by taking the ‘driving test’ and ‘sign test’.” They ask, but no one is given a challan during this time.

According to Rahat Umar, we have been on the streets for the last two months. Our priority is to educate citizens and guide them on how to get a license. Instead of issuing a challan, we issue a learning permit for Rs.120 which is the first step in making any license. When a citizen named Mubeen was stopped by the city traffic police officer, he requested that this time ‘give me a chance, next time I will get a license and drive a motorcycle.’

The traffic warden consoled the motorcyclist and said ‘Why license next time? Get the learning permit now and get the license in the next step’ Mubeen followed the instructions and filled all the details and got the learning permit instantly.

Spokesman of City Traffic Police Rana Aamir said that action was taken against 260,000 such drivers this year. Photo: Urdu Newsmbeen said that when the traffic official stopped me and asked for my license, I thought I would be issued a challan immediately, but I was surprised that they issued me a learning permit within a few minutes. Now I will try to make the license as soon as possible: according to Mubeen, if it is so easy, all the citizens will make the license. We didn’t have any knowledge about this before, of course this is a big step.

Spokesperson of the City Traffic Police, Rana Aamir, said that this year action was taken against 260,000 drivers who did not have licenses. While in six months we have issued more than 7 lakh learning permits.

On the question that after learning permits, citizens come to make lions? The traffic police spokesperson said that till now, about six and a half lakh citizens were those who did not obtain licenses after obtaining learning permits. We have issued a warning to them but the overall response is very good. Especially since we took this step with mobile vans. After that, a large number of citizens are making licences.

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